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I'm looking to hire a Registered Massage Therapist to share my practice with full time. I am located in a professional building with Chiropractors, a Physiotherapist, another RMT, and Psychotherapists sharing the space. Offering a competitive split percentage with an attractive cap per month (essentially turning it into rent), the busier you are the more money you will make! Towels, Thermophore, Sheets, Linen Service, Table, Prenatal cushions and pillows, Credit Card authorizations, Online Booking/Scheduling, and Hot Stones are some of the supplies included.

The hours that are currently available are 4 half days Monday to Thursday (space for 4-5 hour long appointments depending on how we split it up, and how early/late you want to start or finish, hours can be flexible on these days), and a full day is available every other Friday. Full days or half days are available on weekends as well if you'd prefer.

I will also be taking a short maternity leave starting approximately mid-August (hoping for 3-4 months) and then I will return to work gradually and very part time for the first couple of years, so your schedule will become even more flexible and more hours available to you then. Since I'll be cutting back on my hours in general when you start, I'm hoping some of my patients can see you for treatment, and especially when I am off on maternity leave, hopefully most of them will be able to see you, so there's potential to get patients right away for the right candidate. Another option is to bring your own patients, or market yourself to build up your own practice.

    Must be in good standing with the CMTO, and proof of liability insurance required.

      Please email your resume to amy@affinitymassage.ca to be considered for this position.

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