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Amy Schultz BSc. RMT

Amy worked as an RMT in Vancouver for several years after graduating from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in 2009.  She moved to Ottawa in 2013 with her husband, and is excited to have started a new chapter of learning and building her practice at Affinity Massage Therapy and Wellness.  Amy also has a Bachelor of Science Honours in Biochemistry from Simon Fraser University and has performed research at the University of British Columbia, the University of Alberta, a biotech company in Germany, and the NRC's Biotechnology Research Institute in Montreal.

Amy began her career doing research because she wanted to help people, most of her research was focussed on either the medical field or on improving the environment.  After an automobile collision and in her own healing process, Amy discovered very skilled massage therapists, physiotherapists, and osteopaths, and realized that she would feel more fulfilled by working with and helping people using a more hands on approach; this led her to return to school to become a registered massage therapist in 2006.

Since graduating, Amy has pursued various continuing education courses, and has certificates in Visceral Manipulation, basic Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and joint release techniques.  By receiving treatment from and working with different practitioners who all have their own unique styles and gifts, and being mentored by a very skilled Physiotherapist, an Osteopath and a gifted RMT, Amy has developed and is continually refining her own style, using a combination of visceral manipulation, myofascial release, trigger point release, jaw or TMJ treatment massage, craniosacral therapy, and muscle energy technique.  Utilizing combinations of various techniques, depending on the needs of each client, she helps them reach their treatment goals, and find more ease and balance within their bodies.  She also loves using hot stones for therapeutic massage, and she offers clients a choice of aromatherapy essential oils during their massage if they wish the additional effects of using these.

Outside of the massage clinic Amy enjoys time with her family, chasing after her little boy, live music, trying new culinary experiences, and going hiking.  She practices yoga and has become an enthusiastic convert to running and has gotten back into cycling to work.  She ran her first half marathon in September 2014.

You can contact Amy by email at amy@affinitymassage.ca, or by phone at 613-406-2259, or by clicking here.