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Looking for a Registered Massage Therapist or other health care practitioner to join us at Affinity Massage Therapy and Wellness. Low room rental rate, plus low percentage to cover operational costs. Hours available starting August 1, 2021 are full days on Fridays and Saturdays, half days are available Monday and Sunday afternoons. You don't have to work full days or on Saturdays if you don't want to, but I'd prefer to have someone at least 2 days a week. The hours are flexible and may shift over time if needed.

Rental rates are $60 per day ($35 half day), plus 10% of billings. Includes cleaning supplies, table, table warmer, thermophore, linens, linen service, pregnancy cushions, hot stones if you offer hot stone massage, office supplies, business cards, credit card processing, website/advertising, online booking, and some receptionist service. Just supply your own oil and any other special supplies such as gloves and masks. 

If you would prefer to be independent and provide all of your own supplies, linens, website/advertising, payment processing, client files etc. we might be open to renting the space for $70/day, or $40 for a half day.

    Must be in good standing with the CMTO or your college, and proof of liability insurance required.

      Please email your resume to to be considered for this position.